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Just Be Kind® Campaign

The Just Be Kind app will enable our partners to aggregate and report acts of kindness (AOK).  The app will enable schools and other partners to easily report AOK and to incentivize and/or reward their stakeholders.

The app will have a special feature – we call it KIS (Kindness is Simple) which will enable users to respond to negative or hateful Tweets with a KISTM (or Kind Tweet).  Imagine millions of young people countering negativity and hate by sending the haters a KIS.

Together, we will demonstrate the Power of Kindness and overwhelm the hatred through awareness, education and support of kindness through our programs.


How it works:

  • Companies can partner with VIA by becoming a sponsor of the Just Be Kind Campaign and/or integrating an existing kindness program into the campaign.

    • Each Corporate partner will have its own unique kindness theme but will share the sub-heading Just Be Kind.

  • Non-profits can initiate their own kindness activities as an adjunct to the Just Be Kind Campaign.

  • Foundations can spur and fund community activities, in particular the “Day of Kindness.”

  • Schools can spark kindness activities through projects as well as the Be Kind Stick Together program and by using the Just Be Kind app.

  • Individuals can spread the word to family members and neighbors by purchasing lawn signs and other supportive materials AND by using the Just Be Kind app.

Through the Just Be Kind® Campaign and the Just Be Kind app, Values-in-Action Foundation (VIA) and its partners – corporations, communities, schools, faith-based organizations and other non-profits – will harness, aggregate and report the numerous acts of kindness occurring everyday from schools, to companies, from individuals to entire communities.