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Be Kind® Stick Together®  is a free program that was developed with schools and organizations in mind to create a fun and rewarding way for students to explore the important of social-emotional learning concepts of kindness and how sticking together can combat bullying and negative behaviors.

Focused on children in grades 2-8 where bullying is most prevalent, sign up to spread kindness today. 

Since 2015, Be Kind® Stick Together® has  trained over 735,500 K-8 grade students in 50 states, 73 Ohio counties, and

4 countries in over 2,400 schools.  

Join us as we Be Kind and 

Stick Together against bullying!

Be Kind Stick Together does NOT provide a facilitator to present the program. Schools and organizations are provided the curriculum and materials for someone within your own school or organization to present to students.

Register Today

The Ohio Education Association (OEA) is a proud supporter of Be Kind Stick Together


QUESTIONS? Contact Amanda at Project Love at 440.442.5683 or email at

*Terms and Conditions: By submitting the form, you agree to complete the Be Kind STICK TOGETHER program at your school. As a part of the agreement, you and the appropriate staff will complete the post-program survey provided by Project Love after you have completed the programs. You agree to send Project Love at least one photo taken during the program as record of your participation. 

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