Kindland is a citywide initiative of Cleveland, driving our community to be a community of kindness.

As part of the Just Be Kind campaign, we aim to bring people together to increase awareness of kindness and

lead to a change in behavior throughout our city. 

I pledge to be a Citizen of Kindland.

By signing this pledge, I commit to spreading kindness throughout the community today and every day. I vow to be a positive influence and encourage others to become a Citizen of Kindland.

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Synthomer Foundation (fka Omnova)

Ronald & Deborah Ratner


The George Group

Marc Byrnes

Neil Waxman

The Kindland Campaign is made possible by Values-in-Action, a non-profit that has been part of the fabric of Cleveland for over 25 years. Their mission is simple: create meaningful change on a national level by instilling the values of kindness throughout schools and workplaces.

To learn more about the Kindland, click here.