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School-Based Programming:


Over the past 26 years, Project Love school programming has been inspiring students and educators to create positive school environments. Through student workshops and seminars, Project Love has trained over

1,000,000 students and 4,100 educators to

lead with kindness, caring and respect.

Project Love Programming: 

  • helps children and young adults understand the “rules of the game” of life.

  • helps all ages of students understand the consequences of their actions, especially bullying, whether the student is being bullied, is the bully, or is a bystander.

  • helps children and young adults find their life purpose so they can see what they are working towards.

  • helps inner-city, at-risk high school students increase their chances of graduating from 47% to 85%. (Believe to Achieve).

  • empowers leadership among teens and young adults.

  • motivates students to put their values-in-action and help others to do the same.


Values-in-Action Foundation is proud to provide aspects of our Project Love school programming to schools FREE OF CHARGE. This is made possible through our annual fundraising efforts, the generosity of donors and corporate partners, and foundation support.





Values-in-Action Foundation also provides more intensive, development programs that work to change the behaviors of teens and adults to create more productive and socially responsible schools, employees and workplaces. These programs are provided at a nominal fee, and we are more than happy to meet with you to customize a program budget. 





OPTIONAL PROGRAMMING: Available to schools on an as needed basis. If you are interested in bringing any of the following programs to your school, please contact Mary Alice Casalina in the Project Love office at 440.442.5683 or email


Power of Kindness Workshop - program designed to introduce techniques that contribute to and support positive interpersonal relationships while empowering an entire class of students to build a culture of kindness and respect within their school.  These offsite workshops are led by trained adult facilitators and trained high school student group leaders.


Power of One Seminar - dynamic, interactive and motivating, this session will challenge participants to explore their own personal power, how they presently use it and how to channel it in a positive direction.  Team building techniques and strategies are also presented.  Teens are motivated to find their passion, develop their vision and decide what they want to stand for.  The power of just one person can start a positive chain reaction! 


STARS (Students Training and Reaching Students) - this training is for teens who attend a Power of Kindness Workshop and choose to take their involvement to the next level. Skills taught include active listening, encouraging discussion, handling differences of opinion and knowing when to get help.  STARS are expected to be “change agents” for their schools and lead their peers in a positive direction.


“What’s the Way” Staff Training - workshop designed to reawaken educators’ highest ideals and help them devise personalized, school-wide strategies to bring about a new and better way of ‘doing business’. The training includes visioning, appreciative inquiry, cognitive psychology, video and power point, interactive large group participation and small group discussion; and instruction on integration of character education strategies into the curriculum.


READI4Youth (Reduce Crime, Empower, Advise, Dream Initiative 4 Youth) – a biweekly, in-class program that builds positive relationships, life skills and goals at a pivotal time in 5th-8th grade students’ lives, prevents youth delinquency and fosters a more respectful culture for learning both in and out of school. 

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