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Just Be Kind® 

Just Be Kind® is the initiative that can
make kindness an overriding, embedded,
and unifying national value in America.

Special Response to COVID-19: 

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Values-in-Action knows that the country and the values to which we aspire are being tested to the max. As we navigate this unprecedented situation, it is our belief that kindness, caring and compassion can help us through this difficult time. Kindness can help forge human connections, reduce stress and remind us that there is still goodness in the world.

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For Educators - Lesson Ideas

1) Grandparent Stories - Ask students to interview a grandparent (or any elder) by phone or FaceTime. (This is an act of kindness because the adults will LOVE hearing from the kids.) Students should come up with a series of questions to ask their grandparents about things in their past and present. Click here for sample questions and interview tips. Questions can also include how their grandparents are coping with the current state of the world and about acts of kindness they have shown or been shown in their lifetime. 


2) Gratitude - Ask students to write out five (5) things for which they are grateful. 


3) Rules of the Game - Ask students to compile a list of Kindness Rules they can adhere to in their homes to create a kind environment and also how their families can work together to make it through this difficult time. 


4) Kindness Ambassadors - Students search the internet and social networking sites for positive stories of people doing acts of kindness and showing gratitude to others. Students should report to your five (5) stories they have found.


5) Blue Marble Video Exercise - This video represents obstacles we all face, how we find ways to get to our goals, and the help we need along the way. Students could find creative solutions to the problem of being cooped up during this time and identify the helpers and other roles people must play to solve their own  "quarantine" obstacle.  


6) Message Challenge - Students create and send positive messages to others. 

(Ex. Chalk positive messages on driveways, create cute visuals with a positive message). Your students should send you a photo or video of their project. 

7) Reading Challenge - Students can create a video of them reading a book that they enjoyed when they were younger. They can be dramatic and use different voices to make it interesting to younger children. 


8) Character Survey - Students can take the free VIA character survey and have a remote discussion with others regarding what they learned about themselves. Find the survey here.


9) Vision Board - Students can make a vision board of their dreams and goals using magazines or anything else they have at home. 


10) Kindness Cards - Students can create cards to send to those confined to a nursing home


11) Creative Arts - Students can write a poem, song or rap about their experiences being home during this time. If they can use humor, students could cheer others up through their creation. 


12) Create and Vote on a Classroom Theme - Challenge students to come up with creative theme/name for you all to "live by" as you make it through this time

Have any ideas we can add to this list? Email them to so we can add them to share. 

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