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Patricia "Darby" Marbury

Darby's professional journey began when she was hired to teach at Warrensville Heights the day before classes began with just a single book of social studies in hand. Her class was a bright one, with future leaders of the town in it: such as the Mayor and the Finance Director of Warrensville. She led a news-covered field trip to Washington D.C. with her class but the best field trip she ever had was while attending Hiram College during her teaching practicum at Aurora High School. They flew from Burke LakeFront Airport for a Sociological Topographical view of the Greater Cleveland Area.

Next, Darby was hired by the Cleveland School District. They supported her in pursuing her
reading endorsement at Cleveland State University, her middle school certificate at Baldwin Wallace
University continuing her studies in education at Walsh, Walden and Notre Dame. 

Outside of teaching, several activities have lovingly occupied Darby’s life. She enjoys mentoring current and former students. She is a Fairy Godmother for the non-profit My Fairy Godmother, Inc (Helping Every Cinderella Make It To The Ball). She is a facilitator and curriculum writer for the character building organization “Project Love '', National Public Relations board member of Triumph Church

and a Hiram College Alumni Executive Board Chairperson. 


Very happy and satisfied with her life, one of Darby’s proudest moments is when she worked alongside the Mayor, City Council, the Landmarks Commission, Hiram College and the Board of Bishops to designate her church (Triumph Church in Cleveland, Ohio where President James Abram Garfield once pastored), a historic landmark. 


She remains steadfast and passionate in giving and being of service to the community.

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