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John  Adams High School:  

Project Love School of Character,  Values & Community

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The John Adams-Project Love High School of Character, Values and Community is a bold, comprehensive school concept: a high school focused around CHARACTER, VALUES AND COMMUNITY. This is CMSD’s first high school totally embedded in social-emotional learning with an emphasis on how values and kindness can transform the school culture, student learning and the adjoining community.


This school concept is a response to the low academic performance, high incidents of violence, expanding community violence, and lack of job readiness that John Adams High School and the adjoining Mt. Pleasant communities have experienced over the past few years.

Adopting Values-in-Action Foundation’s 24-year-old Project Love character-education program, this innovative, high school model integrates community leaders, life lessons, mindfulness, lessons about job readiness, and cognitive behavioral psychology techniques along with the academic curriculum. The program builds on Project Love’s successful Believe to Achieve program which through its “Winning at the Game of Life” social-emotional curriculum enabled the most at-risk girls at Collinwood and John Adams to graduate at 85%.


To Increase Values, Decrease Bullying and Increase Graduation Rates

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“Through this new

John Adams-Project Love

school model, we hope to empower

students, teachers and community leaders with the purpose of transforming one of the lowest performers in CMSD, in one of the highest crime areas of Cleveland,

to one of the highest performers with an accompanying positive impact on the community.”


~Values-in-Action CEO

Stuart Muszynski

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