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BIG thank you to Landerhaven for hosting this year's Good News Day event!

On Sunday, May 20, Values-in-Action Foundation welcomed 200 guests to Landerhaven to celebrate ALL the teens nominated for the 2017-2018 Searching for Teen Leaders program. At the event, we were honored to announce the names of the Top 10 Teen leaders as chosen by a panel of teens. 

Each of the Top 10 teens will have the opportunity to write a leadership essay. Based on their essays, two (2) teens will be chosen to receive a $1,000 Joan Minchak Leadership Award. 

We thank everyone who joined us for this beautiful celebration of all the GOOD teens can do. Congratulations to ALL the teens listed below for being nominated. The Top 10 winners are identified in pink*. 

Eli Arbogast*

Aiyende Askew

Natalie Bauman

Abigail Borcoman

Roscoeria Boyd

Denver Boykin

Jamie Bradbury

Joseph Bradesca

Kate Brand

Travis Brummert*

Olivia Brummert

Catherine Buxton

Logan Byler

Lucy Cipinko

Mikailia Claridy

Maggie Clark

Leesbeth Claros

Lariah Coker

Starleen Conley

Jonathan Courtney

Jah-Rule Davis

Patrick Delaney

Kynedy Dent

Jillian DiCesare

Michael Dietzen

Jackson DiVincenzo

Nia Dumas

Keith Edmonson

Elizabeth Edwards

Bryce Figler

Savannah Fish

Rebecca Fisher

Alexa Flauto

Matthew Friedman

Ebay Fuller Jr.

Jonathan Gardner

Riley Glazer

Johntayza Gordon

Doc Harrill

Nevaeh Harrison

Eric Holler

Moriyah-Faith Jackson

De'Erik Johnson

Gianna Jones

Marcus Jones

Aniya Kellom

Liz Krischan

Taryn Lackritz

Ryan Lattimore

Brooklyn Macklin

Phillip Maiorca

Alexis Marche

Kyla McCain

Delrico McDonald

Margaret McIlwee

Dominic Monaco*

Nathan Moore

Lillianna Morales

Ike Nabuife

Jillian Netzel

Michael Nickerson*

Maria Ong*

Grant Osborne*

Hannah Ours

Rebecca Pahoresky

Hamza Pennington

Erica Phillips

Alexis Pickett

Francisco Jose Pinera Gerard

Taylor Racut

Courtney M. Reed*

Adam Retych

Chrisean Roberts

Edward Alan Robinson lll

Richaun Smith

Montana Stiegelmeyer

Alexia Suarez

Abigail Sudano*

Rosa Tate

Jaylen Thomas

Britney Ware

Austin Webb*

Isaac Weiss

Nina Wells

Trevon Wells

Jacqueline Wendel*

Jorden Windham

Sabriya Zaman

Julia Zidek

Searching for Teen Leaders is a program that allows individuals to nominate outstanding teen leaders in grades 7-12 who inspire others with their leadership and make a positive difference in their schools, families and communities. 

The program is presented by Values-in-Action, a 24-year-old, Cleveland-based, non-profit organization that empowers students and adults to build communities of kindness, caring and respect through programs that teach, promote and provide skills and tools that enable individuals to make positive, values-based decisions every day. Through student workshops and seminars, Values-in-Action's Project Love school programming has trained over 220,000 teens and 3,000 educators in over 300 schools to lead with kindness and eliminate bullying and other negative behaviors in their schools. 

Searching for Teen Leaders is one program that allows Values-in-Action and the entire community to recognize special teens who emulate positive values and inspire others to do the same. 


  • Established in 2001, Searching for Teen Leaders is an annual campaign to search for Northern Ohio's most outstanding teen leaders in grades 7-12.


  • Values-in-Action partners with high profile retail and community partners and sponsors to promote the campaign and the opportunity to nominate a teen leader.

  • Nomination Period Ended February 28, 2018 


  • Two teens could win a $1,000 award.* The Top 10 teen leaders will be chosen from all nominations by a panel of their peers and will be asked to participate in an essay contest for the chance to win a $1,000 leadership award.


  • Each year, the campaign culminates with a “Good News Day” celebration welcoming all nominated teens, winners and their families 

 *DISCLAIMER: All Searching for Teen Leaders nominations will be reviewed by Values-in-Action Foundation, and two award winners will be selected by a committee formed by Values-in-Action Foundation based on essays submitted by the Top 10 finalists as chosen by Values-in-Action Foundation. By submitting a nomination for this program, you fully and unconditionally agree to and accept the rules of participation and that the decisions of Values-in-Action Foundation are final and binding in all matters related to this program.  

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