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Thank you for signing up to present Be Kind Stick Together® to your program members. 

Here's what you need to do next: 

1) Download the program details, full curriculum and video links below.       

      You will need to download the materials to present the program. Do it now, before you close this window. :)

      These materials tell you exactly what to do - step by step. There's even a tutorial video. 

      *Keep in mind, your older (high-school) program members can present to the younger members. It's fun!

                 Download HERE from Dropbox (Note: it will say, you cannot preview zip files, that's ok, just click download.)

2) Print your coupon for your Duck Tape® below in the green Duck Tape box.

      Again,  Do it now, before you close this window. :)

3) Read through the entire Program Guide you just downloaded and review the video links in the        

     separate document included in the download. 


4) Gather all your necessary supplies.

     There is a complete material list included in  the program guide downloaded above.

5) Your Be Kind Stick Together®pledge poster is in your member box. 


6) Call 440.442.5683 or


     if you have any questions. 


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