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Presented by Values-in-Action Foundation, the Kindland movement  aims to make kindness the overriding, embedded, and unifying national value in America.


Kindland's objective is to make your community one of the kindest in the country.

Why Kindland? (KINDness + cleveLAND)


Located in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, Cleveland is home to Values-in-Action Foundation and the inspiration behind the Kindland namesake. Cleveland was the first city to adopt Kindland, and it quickly spread throughout Northeast Ohio and beyond. Today, it serves as the example for the rest of the country by focusing the collective efforts of communities, businesses, schools, and local organizations to create and sustain a unified sense of kindness, compassion, empathy and understanding. 

 These values will be the guiding force behind our community coming together to find solutions to our nation’s most prominent issues including navigating crises, social justice, racism, and political polarization.


Why Kindness?

Recent history has shown us that just as easily as our country can come together in a time of crisis, it can be torn apart by meanness, intolerance, and hatred. We want to focus on how kindness can continue to be the inspiring link and the bridge that brings our nation together as we work to find solutions and common ground.


Kindness has the ability to make us feel good, and a community that leads with kindness will be able to achieve more because it is good for life and good for business. The effects of kindness have been proven to have an impact on personal, medical and workplace issues and overall effect on a person’s quality of life.

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