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TOOL KIT: How to Help Promote Kindland

All you need to know about Kindland and how you can help promote it. 

Values-in-Action's Mission:

To empower students and adults to build communities of kindness, caring and respect through programs that teach, promote, and provide skills and tools to enable individuals to make positive, values-based decisions every day.

Kindland Objective:

Kindland began in Northeast Ohio as a part of Values-in-Action’s national Just Be Kind campaign, which aims to make kindness the overriding, embedded, and unifying national value in America. Cleveland and its surrounding communities now serve as an example of how every community in the nation can be a "Kind-Land."


The initiative focuses on a community's the collective efforts in its businesses, schools and local organizations on creating and sustaining a unified sense of kindness, compassion, empathy and understanding. These values will be the guiding force behind our community coming together to find solutions to our nation’s most prominent issues including navigating through the COVID-19 crisis, social justice, racism, and political polarization.

Why Kindness:


Recent history has shown us that just as easily as our country can come together in a time of crisis, it can be torn apart by meanness, intolerance, and hatred. We want to focus on how kindness can continue to be the inspiring link and the bridge that brings our nation together as we work to find solutions and common ground.


Kindness has the ability to make us feel good, and a community that leads with kindness will be able to achieve more because it is good for life and good for business. The effects of kindness have been proven to have an impact on personal, medical and workplace issues and overall effect on a person’s quality of life.

Kindland Goal
To document acts of kindness. 
Use the Just Be Kind App to collect and share the acts of kindness you see, do or read about every day. The free app allows you to be an active citizen of Kindland. 
Kind acts can be shared directly from the app to social media. Don't forget to use  #KINDLAND and tag @BeKindland. 
You can also report acts of kindness Acts of kindness here.


Follow Kindland on Social Media

Please post your support and encourage others to do the same.

If you share an act of kindness on your social media, don't forget to use #KINDLAND

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Take the pledge to be a Citizen of Kindland

Encourage your friends, family and colleauges to do the same. Post to your social media. 

Take the pledge at

What are "acts of kindness"?
Acts of kindness can be big or small. When you see one, share the story and include #Kindland
Here are some examples: 10 Ways to Be a Citizen of Kindland

Merchandise & Materials
Spread the Message
Order a free yard sign and check out our available merchandise in our STORE.
Custom bulk orders are available for your employees - add your own logo to show your support

Download a Free Window Sign here

If you're interested in larger promotional signage, please contact Amanda at 440.463.6205

Start Your Own Kindness Project
Don't just report other acts of kindness, start your own project!
Businesses, employees, communities and neighborhoods can work together on any project that makes a difference to others. Just make sure you report it by posting it along with #KINDLAND and promote that you're doing it because you live in a Kind-land!

Validation Card

Use this image on social media to recognize someone for doing something kind.

Don't forget to comment and use the hashtag #Kindland

For example, you see the post:

Blank Co. employees volunteered their time at the Food Bank. 

You Reply, Share or Comment with the image of the Validation Card and comment: 

Nice work, @Blank Co. #Kindland

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Become an Official Member of Kindland

Encourage your friends, family and colleauges to do the same. 

For just $1 a month, you can support our mission to make kindness our nation's #1 priority and spread kindness far and wide. 

a month

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Useful Images

Save the below images to your device so you can easily include them in your social media posts and any promotion 

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