Our mission is to empower students and adults to build communities of kindness, caring, and respect through programs that teach, promote, and provide skills and tools to enable individuals to make positive, values-based decisions every day.

I pledged to Just Be Kind.

Thank you for pledging to Just Be Kind. We encourage you to share acts of kindness around your community and the world by tagging @JustBeKindUSA and using #JustBeKind. If you see an act of kindness in a store, on the street, in your neighborhood, or on the news, please share it so we may collect and push out more kindness into our news feeds. Remember to follow our social channels below. 

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The Just Be Kind Campaign is made possible by Values-in-Action, a non-profit that has been part of the fabric of Cleveland for over 25 years. Their mission is simple: create meaningful change on a national level by instilling the values of kindness throughout schools and workplaces.

To learn more about Values-in-Action, go to www.viafdn.org

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