Just Be Kind® 

Just Be Kind® is the initiative that can
make kindness an overriding, embedded,
and unifying national value in America.

Special Response to COVID-19: 

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Values-in-Action knows that the country and the values to which we aspire are being tested to the max. As we navigate this unprecedented situation, it is our belief that kindness, caring and compassion can help us through this difficult time. Kindness can help forge human connections, reduce stress and remind us that there is still goodness in the world.


What You Can Do Now

Step 1: Take the pledge to #JustBeKind here. Share this link to your social media tagging @JustBeKindUSA and including #JustBeKind

Step 2: Report acts of kindness. If you see or hear of an act of kindness in a store, on the street, in your neighborhood, or on the news, please share it on one of the below messaging platforms tagging @JustBeKindUSA and including #JustBeKind

The Goal
Since the beginning of COVID-19, our nation has seen an overwhelming surge of kindness. Our goal is to continue and sustain this sense of kindness and togetherness with the Just Be Kind campaign. Together we will increase the awareness of kindness and aim to make kindness the overriding, embedded and unifying value throughout our nation. This campaign will exemplify how kindness can go further than one individual and impact the lives of citizens through efforts in businesses, schools, and communities.

Why Just Be Kind
As our nation opens backs up, we will once again be faced with an inherent negativity problem in our society that has led to violence and bullying in schools, workplaces, and over the internet. Created by Values-in-Action, the Just Be Kind campaign will overpower the negativity swirling in society by bringing forth the benefits of kindness and keeping it at the forefront of day-to-day activities.

General Information about Just Be Kind


We encourage you to share stories of kindness by tagging us at @justbekindusa on all social platforms using #justbekind. Together, we can spread positivity across the nation.

For more information on the Just Be Kind campaign or Values-in-Action,

please contact justbekind@viafdn.org

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