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Our mission is to empower students and adults to build communities of kindness, caring, and respect through programs that teach, promote, and provide skills and tools to enable individuals to make positive, values-based decisions every day.

For Schools

Ways to Be Involved:


1) Sign up for the FREE Just Be Kind School Lessons

2) Share the Just Be Kind message

  • Ask your students, families, and educators to take the Just Be Kind pledge

  • Include news about Just Be Kind in your school newsletters and on social media using @JustBeKindUSA and #JustBeKind

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  • Post signage in your school’s classrooms, hallways, offices, windows, or on the lawn. Contact to request signage.

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3) Document Acts of Kindness

Kind acts happen in schools every second. Students helping students. Educators going the extra mile. Volunteers and families giving their time and energy. These are all acts of kindness. Share them with us. By sharing and recognizing acts of kindness, you are creating a ripple effect that inspires more and more kindness. Encourage your staff, families, and students (if age appropriate) to use the Just Be Kind App to quickly and easily report acts of Kindness. Save the app at


School Lesson Sign Up

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The Just Be Kind Campaign is made possible by Values-in-Action, a non-profit that has been part of the fabric of Cleveland, Ohio for over 27 years. Their mission is simple: create meaningful change on a national level by instilling the values of kindness throughout schools and workplaces.

To learn more about Values-in-Action, go to

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